bubbles, bubbling, bubbled
1) N-COUNT Bubbles are small balls of air or gas in a liquid.

Ink particles attach themselves to air bubbles and rise to the surface.

...a bubble of gas trapped under the surface.

2) N-COUNT A bubble is a hollow ball of soapy liquid that is floating in the air or standing on a surface.

With soap and water, bubbles and boats, children love bathtime.

3) N-COUNT In a cartoon, a speech bubble is the shape which surrounds the words which a character is thinking or saying.
4) N-COUNT A bubble is a situation in which large numbers of people want to buy shares in a company that is new or not yet financially successful, and pay more than the shares are worth. When it becomes clear that the shares are worth less than people paid for them, you can say that the bubble has burst. [BUSINESS]

Everyone is hoping that these hi-tech companies will turn out to be the Microsofts of the future. At the moment they look more like the focus of a speculative bubble...

When the development bubble burst, federal regulators started probing the balance sheets of the biggest banks.

5) VERB When a liquid bubbles, bubbles move in it, for example because it is boiling or moving quickly.

Heat the seasoned stock until it is bubbling...

The coffeepot bubbled, filling the room with fragrance...

[V adv/prep] The fermenting wine has bubbled up and over the top...

[V adv/prep] Danny looked down at the stream bubbling through the trees nearby.

6) VERB If something bubbles, it is very active. [WRITTEN]

[V with n] At the same time, the press bubbles with stories of the sale of Russian arms to Serbia...

The show bubbles like pink champagne with pretty sets, exquisite costumes and enchanting dance routines.

7) VERB: usu cont A feeling, influence, or activity that is bubbling away continues to occur.

[V adv/prep] ...political tensions that have been bubbling away for years...

[V adv/prep] Rumours of financial scandals have come bubbling back to the surface...

[V adv/prep] Retail sales and car sales have been bubbling along, quite nicely, for some months.

8) VERB: usu cont Someone who is bubbling with a good feeling is so full of it that they keep expressing the way they feel to everyone around them.

[V with n] She came to the phone bubbling with excitement...

[V with n] She came back bubbling with ideas.

Bubble over means the same as bubble.

V P with n He was quite tireless, bubbling over with vitality.

N-COUNT: usu N of n
Bubble is also a noun.

As she spoke she felt a bubble of optimism rising inside her.

9) PHRASE: V inflects If you say that the bubble has burst, or that the bubble has been pricked, you mean that a situation or idea which seemed wonderful has ended or has stopped seeming wonderful.

It was only a matter of time before this bubble burst.

...their confidence that they can prick a speculative bubble without hurting the real economy.

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